One of the many things that separates ELCO Elite from other contractors is our collaboration with top of line construction management software which gives our clients a clear and concise outline of every item that goes into their project. This includes product specifications and even images of those items. It also provides ELCO with the flexibility to offer multiple choice items or open-ended customer selections and a platform to seamlessly communicate that information back and forth without any confusion. We have all heard horror stories of people who thought “that was included in your price”.

ELCO wants our clients to know up front exactly what they are getting- no gimmicks, unlike a lot of our competitors. Not only does this transparency take much of the stress out of the process, but also presents our clients with the option to go out and shop for the things that match their unique tastes. We work with representatives at many different local suppliers for electrical fixtures, plumbing fixtures, flooring choices, paint colors, and so much more. It’s as simple as heading to the local showroom and finding exactly the things that make a space yours and then we handle the rest.